"David Bowie is" The AR Exhibition

I recently participated in the beautiful David Bowie is AR exhibition made by Planeta.cc where I had the pleasure to design 12 AR rooms for this interactive recreation of the famous exhibition that has toured world. Now available on any smartphone that supports AR. For more info visit www.davidbowieisreal.com

AR and VR projects

The Llama Express - VR


 The Llama Express by Pilar Aranda from Valencia, Spain and Saúl Peña Gamero from Lima, Peru: A lighthearted game in which players ride a train through the fictional country of Esperú, feeding hungry llamas encountered along the way with traditional Hispanic food from the train.

Context Grid - AR


 Designed efficient human interaction solutions for real space AR experiences. Analyzed the heuristics of the project and iterate prototyping. Unity3D, IBM Watson and Maya. Testing and analyzing interactive models in the Mixed Reality field.

Winner of Brain Jam XR 2018


We won the 2018 Brain Jam XR with our mixed neuroscientist and developers team. Avoiding eye contact in children with autism leads to impoverished social exposure and can be a barrier to family bonding. We designed a simple prototype to gamify socialization using AR.

Super Jump - VR


 VR Platform Game demo developed in only 3 weeks in New York Film Academy by solo developer Pilar Aranda in Unity3D. Super Jump Robo Star is a lighthearted game designed to help children and adults stay physically active. Available for HTC Vive. 

Web XR experiment - VR


 Teleport around my little pirate island from your phone. Made for Sketchfab Mozilla VR Challege. User your cardboard or any headset to move around in 3DOF VR. 

Poly Sea - VR


 Mini VR game developed entirely by Pilar Aranda. In the Polysea the player becomes the god Poseidon, you will have to save the famous sailor Jason and it's crew from the Kraken by guiding throwing stars into the sky that will lead them to safe land. Available for HTC Vive.